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James Whitaker

Vice President for Emerging Challenges


James today serves as BENS’ Vice President for Emerging Challenges where he facilitates member efforts to identify and address emergent issues affecting U.S. security. These efforts are supported by BENS’ various Councils and aim to complement and reinforce BENS initiatives with partners across the National Security Enterprise.

Previously, James served as a BENS policy director before leading internal and external communications for five years as BENS' Director for Strategic Communications. In that role, he was responsible for propelling member expertise to stakeholders and served as the organization's principal content manager and media specialist. As a policy director, James managed BENS' projects related to energy security and those aimed at creating greater efficiency within U.S. defense and security agencies. His work included BENS' seminal report on military microgrids and BENS' military compensation series.

James joined BENS from the Truman National Security Project where he oversaw advocacy efforts in the southern region of the U.S., with a particular focus on leading Operation Free – an award-winning campaign discussing the national security implications of U.S. energy policy. James began his career as a campaign field director, and then legislative staffer for U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. While on the Senator's legislative staff, he worked on energy, environment, and trade policy, among others.

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