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Since our founding, BENS has looked to our members to shape our programs, to guide our projects and to seek new opportunities where business expertise can help build a more secure America. The BENS model is not for the casual observer; it requires talented, driven executives and entrepreneurs with a strong interest in national security and a passion to serve and give back to their country. When faced with a challenge, BENS members do not sit on the sidelines – they roll up their sleeves and get to work.

BENS members believe, quite simply, that many of the security concerns facing our nation are simply too large and complex for our government to solve on its own. More importantly, they contend that it shouldn’t have to. Thus – whether their background is in finance, technology, manufacturing, venture capital, or real estate – they volunteer their time, experience and expertise in collaboration with government and military leaders to help develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to our country’s most pressing security problems. And, the sharing of lessons-learned is not just a one-way street. BENS members believe strongly that government and the military, in particular, have much to teach the private sector about leadership, training and service.

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