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Resilience Council

Focused on strengthening U.S. strategic readiness and preparedness, the BENS Resilience Council incubates and leads the organization’s efforts related to critical infrastructure, resource availability, and domestic security and public safety. The Council is comprised of executives with experience and expertise in risk management, manufacturing, and logistics, among others.

Most recently, the Council completed a study on critical minerals – devloping a series of information sheets to raise awareness and stimulate action for bolstering reliable access to these essential resources. Click on the graphic below for more details.



Semiconductor Supply Chains

Semiconductor Supply Chains: Information Series                     

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BENS Issue Paper: Private Partnerships, Public Safety       
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Critical Minerals: Information Series                     

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Domestic Security Revisited: Progress on Confronting a Dynamic Threat Landscape           

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Domestic Security: Confronting a Changing Threat to Ensure Public Safety and Civil Liberties            

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